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There are numerous factors that make asphalt a great material to use when paving an asphalt driveway or a parking lot or. It is a relatively cheap material when compared to other material like concrete paving blocks or concrete. Asphalt is a durable product that stands up to basic wear and tear of foot traffic and vehicle. Another great reason why asphalt is preferred is that asphalt is a green product that can be recycled more often unlike the other paving product.

If you own a residential or commercial or property, chances are at some point you will have to perform maintenance on your driveway or parking lot. Asphalt paving may seem a simple job but this needs employment of special skills. If you are contemplating having your driveway repaired or Parking Lot Repair you should hire asphalt paving contractor.

When you hire Scranton Asphalt Paving professionals in to do the job, we will be able to diagnose your problem by using thorough troubleshooting techniques. We will catch the problem before it becomes a huge issue or a potential hazard. We offer many services.

When you have areas in your asphalt pavement that contain potholes we use crack fills for effective work. The first step we do is to minimize out the afflicted area with a foundation. Next, we eliminate any extra materials from the damaged area. After we wash any dirt, in the area we apply a tack layer to help make the new hot asphalt stick to the chop out area. Then we use the new asphalt and ensure that we compact the recently installed asphalt.

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Ultraviolet rays can breakdown the binder materials in asphalt and can become brittle and break apart. Seal coating gives asphalt surface security against the ultraviolet rays. Seal coating should be put together to the correct specifications and should not be diluted to be able to loosen up the merchandise. This won’t give the asphalt the same security. The cover can be sprayed to ensure the materials gets into small splits to seal off and stop any future normal water penetration. Hiring a professional is the best choice when it comes to your Parking Lot Patching.

When your Parking Lot need Repair should not try to fix them by yourself? Also For major pothole repair, and even minor ones, it is always best practice to hire Parking Lot professionals. There is a lot that can go wrong when you are not experienced. You should not make a mistake; you could cause damage to your equipment, your property or surrounding properties, not to mention the risk of harming someone. Parking lot lights, in particular, employ Scranton Asphalt Paving contractor and we will ease your work.

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